Instagram-Worthy: How To

Photo Credit: MissKacyK IG
Photo Credit: MissKacyK Instagram

My last blog post was focused on gaining Instagram followers through the strategy of posting at specific times of the day and content creation. However, I wanted to spend some time sharing some cool apps that will help your photos look more appealing, especially if you are required to post in real time and don’t have a lot of time to spend editing.

With instagram housing 7.3 million users daily, marketers can really benefit from exploring having a brand presence. If your main objective is to sell a product or service, try to capture the brand through images. This requires more than just a pretty picture, you have to think of “out of the box” ways. Consider using customers enthusiastic about holding the product or receiving the service. Remember, be spontaneous! (Think Ellen DeGeneres posting selfies with some of the world’s most famous actors.)

So you’ve captured your spontaneous “out of the box” image.  here are a few apps to help you get those gorgeous Instagram-worthy photos:

These are the apps used by the top bloggers and vloggers in the industry, many of which have thousands of followers not to mention millions of subscribers on YouTube.

In my last post, I talked about Snapseed. Snapseed is a great app if you have a dark image and you need to brighten up one particular area. They also have some cool filters like drama and HDRScape.

PS Express, is also a fun and very user-friendly that allows you to brighten your images quite easily. A favourite filter of mine is summer. You can also fix the red eye on pictures of people much like how you would use PhotoShop to edit photos traditionally.

VscoCam, is becoming quite popular and they give your photos that sort of edgy, high contrast effect (just think Kylie Jenner’s Instagram)

Moldiv is perfect for collages or picstitches, which is great for telling a story.
Those are currently my favourite apps, so if you’re interested in making your pictures really Instagram-worthy, download them and start experimenting!

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