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xsmfg4vutfyvk0nyw8trWhen I lived in the US, I would order pizza online a lot because my phone service was so dodgy in the basement apartment where I lived. Just recently, Domino’s Jamaica launched their online ordering pizza service. This is good for the Jamaican market for two main reasons:

1. Ordering Ease. With the increase of mobile usage, more and more consumers are relying on their phones for even the simplest of tasks– including ordering their pizza. It’s a flexible, convenient and seamless way to navigate through the ordering process. No lines, no waiting for the phone to be answered.It enhances the customer experience and saves time. This is critical for customer-retention.

2. Competitors will get on board. If this is a success, (which it will be) more brands will want to get on board this online and delivery train.

Currently, the service is offered in two locations: Sovereign North and Hope Rd. There is no extra charge for delivery orders and you can pay with cash when the driver delivers the pizza. To order, you just go to the website , create a profile and log in to place your order.



One response to “Two Reasons Domino’s Jamaica Online is Good for the Jamaican Market”

  1. Stacy-Ann Hayles Avatar

    Love it. Unfortunately I’m not in Kingston, but I would kill this service if I were there. I do everything online…and I’m not the only one 🙂


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