The Age of the Selfie is Over: Here’s What to Do Instead


The age of the selfie is over. The selfie queen herself, with a coffee book about selfies, Kim Kardashian, has been banned from taking them.

After she injured her wrist, Kardashian was given doctor’s orders to lay off of it — and, with that, stop taking selfies. “My hand hurts. I forgot my brace,” Kim tells Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner in a new clip of Keeping Up With the Kardashians posted to E! News.  – W Magazine


The truth is, the age of the selfie has been dying out for years now and even though Kim posts a selfie from time to time, she now reverts to posting photos from magazine shoots or pictures taken by her assistant or daughter North.

You can also notice a trend on Instagram in general, people are preferring more posed photos of themselves, taken by someone else.

So here’s some photo ideas of what’s been trending.

Photos with Epic Backdrops

It really doesn’t matter how you pose, it’s all about the background. So make sure it’s an gorgeous landscape, typically a remote one that no one has any idea where to find. First them!

#Belfie Replaces the #Selfie

Turn your back to the camera and twist your upper body around and smile. This is another pose that Kim made famous, the #belfie. It’s really about emphasizing the butt. So be cheeky!

Take the Travel Photos to the Next Level

The trend this summer was all about those travel photos. This is a little bit more than the first photo, this is about posing in front of iconic places like the Eiffel Tower or Times Square for maximum effect. Here’s former Miss Jamaica in Tuscany, pretty iconic. #UnderTheTuscanSun

Make IG Your Runway

We’re not talking about the impromptu photoshoot of you posing with your phone. This is you thinking about a concept, getting wardrobe, makeup and hair organized and going to a location to shoot.

Slay in Your Carnival Costume

Many people don’t know Carnival is a year round thing. There’s Trinidad, Cayman, Barbados, Miami, etc. You could be feting all year! However, if you don’t post any other photo for the rest of the year, post your Carnival costume.

Squad Goals Up

Serving looks with your besties is also something to consider…

Take That Overhead Shot

These may require a drone, but will make for a truly interesting photo op…

HiJi Cam it Out

The filter app responsible for making your photos look like they were taken on a disposable camera has built a huge following this year.

Barbie Feet

Another silly, but definitely cute pose to try. ‘Barbie feet’ is exactly what is says on the tin—when taking a full-length shot, rise up on your tippy-toes as if you’re wearing an invisible heel. Among other things, it helps your legs look longer and your feet more dainty. – Vogue Australia

Tryptich Posts

Beyonce has been grid obsessed and posting three times in a row lately. Be like Beyonce or Sevana.


Tripytch Post with Singer Sevana
Tripytch Post with Singer Sevana @callmesevana

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