Social Media Trends in 2020

Every year, I predict the trends for the following year and so far so good, I’ve been pretty accurate. This year I have some insights based on my experience working on my personal brands: Luxuryja, Love Not Likes and my client’s pages. Here goes:

Time sensitive content will reign supreme: Last year, I did a 2018 Best Dressed list for Luxuryja and was able to look back at the potential fashionista’s pages and choose some of the best looks from their feed. This year, it was a lot harder as less and less people are posting. Yes, some people only posted 4 or 5 times for the year! The truth is the user experience is changing on IG. More people are watching stories rather than scrolling the feed. People like the idea of posting to their stories as opposed to their feed because they only last for only 24 hours. They post things and not feel guilty that it will remain on the page and haunt them in the future.

Removing Likes On Instagram will be a thing: When I named my blogging and influencer network Love Not Likes, people laughed at me, but I knew how much people were consumed with like counts. I also knew that people were leaning towards finding niche communities where they could connect. Which is why Facebook groups will never die. Back in the day, it was forums and now people more than ever are craving community online. It’s no longer about quantity but quality. Alot of marketers are concerned about what this will mean for the future of social media but the truth is that, well–there is no value in a like! Liking a picture may send a message to the reciever that you approve of their picture but liking doesn’t mean that they will go out and purchase your product. It may also be a ploy to get you to pay for more ads on Instagram in order to be seen, as the amount of likes a picture recieves usually means it will appear higher up on the feed.

Building Niche Communities will be a thing: I just talked about forums and Facebook groups but even my niche page Luxuryja, is quite remarkable. The kinds of people that follow and connect with the content are the upper echelon of society and I’m often asked why I’m not covering certain exclusive events. Of course this is changing more and more as people are demanding that we be there. It is important to point out that people follow and interact with pages that they like because of the content. That’s why IG pages about Jamaica do so well. Niche communities are an ideal way of reaching a particular demographic without worrying about spending a huge amount of money. More bang for your buck.

What are some of the social media trends you predict in 2020?

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