New Reality Series: Who will rule The Social House?

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Today, as Jamaicans were introduced to a brand new online reality series, that was the million dollar question circulating on social media. After the premiere of the first episode of The Social House last night, the virtual entertainment sector just got a whole lot more intriguing. Tara Playfair-Scott, a marketing and public relations specialist, created the new series, which will feature four of Jamaica’s biggest young influencers.

Quite Perry, a YouTuber, TC, a dancer-turned-reality star, Chiney K, and Fatskull, an IG comic, are all housemates in this intriguing new series, which producers hope will capture people around the world. But, as if having four influencers under one roof wasn’t enough drama, The Social House will throw weekly challenges into the mix, putting contestants through their paces.

Chiney K, an entrepreneur, told The Gleaner that she was convinced that she would walk away a millionaire at the end of the competition. More than the financial reward, though, the social media personality is excited to see how much the Jamaican entertainment landscape will gain from the addition of another reality TV show. 

Perry also stated that he was ecstatic when he was first approached to be a part of The Social House. He expressed his delight that, with the influencer sector in Jamaica fast expanding, corporate Jamaica was eager to invest in people like him in more modern ways. “Oftentimes, I would sit and watch everything happening on the international space, and I’d just sit and wonder, Jamaica, when is your turn? The influencer space is growing, the social media space in terms of content creation and creators is growing, and it’s important to open us up to other avenues because it’s not just about ‘get up and post on social media’,” he shared. “This show is giving us an avenue to express ourselves in different ways and to connect with our audience on a whole new level.”

“Also, the fact that there’s a chance to win a million dollars was a plus,” he continued, laughing. Fellow house mate TC admits that the latter was a big motivation for her. “The first time mi hear about challenges mi say ‘Jesus, a wah go down’ because I am a person, mi fraid a heights, fraid a water, fraid a everything. Mi nuh adventurous so when mi hear about challenges, mi a wonder wah go take place. But when mi hear winner walk away with a million dollars, mi affi do weh mi affi do,” she said.

Fatskull shared similar statements. “I could see from the get-go this would be a well-organised show, and so I was excited to be a part of it. I am anticipating having some fun with the challenges and, of course, winning the million dollars. I want to get to each challenge. I hope none of them nuh take me out,” he laughed. “I just want to embrace each experience and WIN in the end.”

The four candidates were challenged to a cookoff in the inaugural episode of T he Social House, which aired Friday night on YouTube. Sponsors provided them with a basket of ingredients and instructed them to create a meal in 25 minutes. For other candidates, the challenge was too much, and their meals  were undercooked and unfinished. Despite their failure, the contestants did not disappoint in terms of performance.

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