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Coffee Roasters of Jamaica has released a limited edition Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee™-infused chocolate bar to celebrate International Coffee Day.  

Established in 1994 Coffee Roasters of Jamaica made their mark as one of the island’s leading producers. They’ve teamed up with OneOne Cacao, an internationally-recognised, award winning small batch chocolate company based in St. Mary to create an original Jamaican blend. It represents the finest Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee™ married with some of the best single estate cocoa in Jamaica.

Jamaica is world-renowned for its coffee and well respected for its cocoa. But what happens when you put these world leading products together? That’s the concept behind ‘Two Beans, One Heart’. 

Of the watershed collaboration, Coffee Roasters of Jamaica, CEO Mark Fletcher, says, “Even in challenging trading conditions, we’ve seen sales of our coffee remain steady. Pairing the world’s best coffee alongside OneOne Cacao’s premium Jamaican chocolate was an obvious and overdue choice.

“We always seek to support our hard-working local coffee farmers and educate our fans through our daily operations. We devised this competition as a ‘Thank You’ for all those who continue to support us in bringing you the best homegrown beverage in the world: Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee™.”

Paying homage to Roald Dahl’s seminal book, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, coveted Golden Tickets will be tucked into ten chocolate bars stocked in select Kingston locations. The Grand Prize winner will also win a year’s supply of 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee™, alongside a number of other exclusive prizes. Golden Ticket holders will receive their instructions on their certificates. 

The ‘Two Beans, One Heart’ giveaway showcases two hundred bespoke bars  made meticulously with select Grade A batch of Coffee Roasters of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee beans. Paired expertly with OneOne Cacao’s handpicked cocoa beans it is exclusively designed to produce a seductive bar of dark chocolate – replete with island fruity notes – perfect  for premium coffee lovers and chocolate aficionados alike. 

According to Nick Davis, OneOne Cacao’s founder and CCO (Chief Chocolate Officer), these limited edition bars aim to highlight the exceptional quality of both Jamaican beans: “Blue Mountain Coffee’s flavours are so unique and the Jamaican brew in a light medium roast – with its more floral notes – pairs perfectly with our fruity cocoas from Clarendon and St Mary. The bar just floats across the palate”.

Available at a number of specialty coffee shops and retailers across the island, Two Beans, One Heart brings together Jamaica’s legacy of two world-beating and luxury products.

These collector’s item bars are identified by the signature Coffee Roasters tag and will be sold online on both the and platforms, as well as select emporiums including CPJ Market and Butcher’s Block, Kingston. It will also be for sale in cafés and coffeehouses where Coffee Roasters of Jamaica’s coffee-infused beverages are exclusively sold in the Kingston corporate area such as Rituals Coffeehouse, JD’s Pub, Outpost Republic, and Wholesome Cafe.
Be quick to purchase the bars where you see them as there are only 200 available. Good luck!


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