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Bastille Day or la fête national is France’s most important holiday. The Bastille was a medieval fortress used to detain political prisoners; its fall on the 14th of July, 1789 was a pivotal moment in French history. The day marks the end of the ancien regime and the beginning of the French Revolution. Today, Bastille Day embodies the unique legacy the French Revolution carries for its people and is celebrated worldwide by French citizens and Francophiles alike.

In Jamaica, Francophiles with discerning tastes can enjoy Bastille Day festivities on Saturday, July 23, 2022, curated by LuxuryJa’s Kesi Gardner at Charela Inn: a boutique hotel recognized for its Jamaican French fusion cuisine tucked away on Negril’s seven-mile coastline.

Their award-winning in-house restaurant Le Vendome offers a wide variety of French cuisine, including escargot and foie gras. One of the co-owners, Sophie Grizzle Roumel is the proud French honorary consul for Negril.

“We are happy to announce that Charela Inn will be providing a unique twist for oenophiles to experience wine tasting sessions by Mona Blake, a professional sommelier of Jamaican Wine Club, and finish the day with a Sip and Paint session for Bastille Day this year. This is undoubtedly a weekend you need to attend if you enjoy good wine and French food. ” LuxuryJa’s Kesi Gardner said.

Charela Inn also offers a 15% discount to guests making direct reservations on their website, from now until October 31st. 

So what does dining like the French involve? LuxuryJa’s Kesi Gardner answers, “The French love a long meal so expect a five-course dining experience. They sit, sip, taste, savour, chat, and have a post-meal coffee or wine.”


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