Creatives of the Future Series

“As creatives we are naturally intuitive. However to succeed, we need the tools to compete in this rapidly, evolving world.” Kesi Gardner, Future of Creatives E-book

Creatives need to learn how to navigate the online space. There is a fear of oversharing but it is in the sharing that you build relationships that lead to clients and sales.

Who the book is for: All creatives. If you’re an advertising/marketing executive, animator, game developer, chef, baker, visual artist, photographer, graphic designer, event planner, fashion designer, blogger,writer, editor, dancer, game developer, website designer/developer, public relations executive, publicist, artist manager, YouTuber or vlogger, filmmaker, museum art curator, yoga instructor, musician, singer, influencer, poet, journalist, broadcaster, media personality, model, podcaster, you will benefit from this book.

We’re launching a series for Creatives of the future, which gives creatives the tools they need to navigate the world. This will include an e-book, resources, courses, freebies, and 1:1 coaching.

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A wise man once said,


“Many people do not like to post pictures of their work because they are scared others will steal it. One thing you should know is that your photos and videos will go to places you can’t go to, therefore spreading influence to places you can’t reach, and this will boost your reputation.”

Kesi Gardner, Creatives of the Future E-book.”

“The book is amazing! very detailed and creatives-focused, this is a lovely way of empowering creatives and creating a path for them that’s more about their uniqueness and not all about status.”

Keifer Simpson, Brand Designer and Visual Artist

“Headshots and professional photos are vital in building your reputation online.”

Kesi Gardner, Creatives of the Future E-book

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