Mobile Apps to Tame the Social Media Monster

I am always on the run, working on several different projects at a time, and don’t always have the luxury of being at home, working from my computer — that’s why I use mobile apps on my smartphone.

People ask me all the time, what are the best apps to use when tackling the Social Media monster?
First all, I must say that the Social Media is not the devil, but a great way to generate new customers and exposure for your brand.
1.    Facebook: The Facebook app has certainly come a long way and it is a great tool in keeping up with the comments clients may make on your page. The downfall is if you own a page, getting to that page from the app isn’t an option, so in this case, using your mobile browser might be a better bet.
2.    UberSocial: I like using this app because it it the best way to RT, you can RT the original tweet seamlessly from your page. No more retweeting and having someone else’s avatar in your timeline creating havoc on your followers.
3.    Google Talk: When I am on the go and away from my computer, I still want to keep in touch with my clients, some of which are on my Gchat, having the Google Talk app means I am not far away from my desk.
4.    Pandora: The Pandora app keeps me in good spirits wherever I go, I can slip in my earphones and discreetly listen to music. (Ok so this doesn’t really tame the social media monster but at least, you can have fun while doing it).
5.    Instagram: This app is the reason, I have two phones. With over 2 million active users beating out Twitter for active daily use, this is a great way to reach a large target audience in a limited time.
6.    Bitly: My latest obsession, is a seamless way to track traffic to your website and it shrinks your links, so you don’t use up all your characters! You can also customize your links which helps to keep your messaging cohesive.
Thats it for now.

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