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Five-star modern Caribbean cuisine trailblazer maestro, Chef Jason Howard begins a month-long residency at the award-winning boutique hotel Charela Inn’s in-house restaurant Le Vendôme. Trained in classic and modern French techniques and pioneering food art, he is known for his unique culinary approach and methods to Caribbean food.

Currently based in the UK, Chef Jason Howard is flying in exclusively to Negril’s Le Vendôme eaterie. He specialises in modern Caribbean cuisine, combining his love of native West Indian ingredients with his classical French training gained as sous chef at the Michelin two-starred Connaught Hotel in the capital’s prestigious area of Mayfair.

Better known to UK audiences for his appearance on the TV series, Masterchef: The Professionals (2015), Howard is not new to Jamaica having been an international guest chef at the Jamaica Observer Food Awards.

“As a chef of Caribbean descent, it is an honour to bring my skills to bear to one of the exclusive few French fusion restaurants on the island.” – Chef Jason Howard 

Although his work will affect every part of the hotel’s kitchen service, he will mainly be looking to provide ongoing training to the kitchen staff and enhance the nightly magic that is the restaurant’s French-inspired five-course meal.

Upon his arrival, Chef Howard enthused, “As a chef of Caribbean descent, it is an honour to bring my skills to bear to one of the exclusive few French fusion restaurants on the island. I know that the food is a big part of the enduring love affair that travellers have with the institution and I will do my best to ensure that my art lives up to the hopes of all serious gastronomes.”

Chef Howard’s exclusive residency also coincides with the inaugural JamaicaDeli Foodies & Wellness Retreat taking place January 11-17, 2022 in Negril. Serious foodies will partake in the five-course nightly feast as well as enjoy scheduled wellness classes and food excursions across the island.

Retreat Founder, Toussaint Davy commented, “As the world tentatively welcomes 2022, what better way than to praise the one thing that binds us all together than to celebrate food and drink? And where better than on Negril’s world-famous 7-Mile beachfront?”

“As Jamaica celebrates its auspicious 60th year of independence, we seek to bring like-minded epicureans together to celebrate the island’s culture and essence. Locals and international tourists are welcome. We have a host of week-long activities, listed on, including foodie excursions, a chocolate-making session, a sugarcane cocktail-making session, paint and sip and wellness yoga experiences every morning and evening beachside. ” Davy stated.

Masterclass host, award-winning chocolatier and founder of One One Cacao added: “At One One Cacao we’ve been running chocolate making workshops at our factory but we’re taking it on the road with the JamaicaDeli Foodies and Wellness Retreat. Learn all about Jamaican Craft Chocolate, the history and science and how to create your own custom chocolate at home at my session at Charela Inn.”

Le Vendôme’s principal owner, Daniel Grizzle (Jamaica Order of Distinction, 2021), was recently featured in the UK’s prestigious Powerlist 2022, Great Britain’s annual guide to the top Black Briton movers and shakers. 

“Having owned and operated Le Vendộme at Charela Inn for over 40 years, I am pleased that we have an event on the horizon celebrating the French food my late wife, Sylvie, my family, and I have such a deep love of.”

Mr Grizzle was equally enthusiastic about the introduction of a new chef adding, “Throughout the years, we’ve brought chefs in from around the world to enhance and build on our menu. We’re excited about bringing in Chef Howard and learning about his approach to French cuisine and fusing it with a Caribbean influence.”’s Schedule of Activities

Daily Yoga: Wellness and spiritual wellbeing guru by design, UK ex-pat Nicole White is a lifelong practitioner of yoga and a clean-eating, plant-based advocate. (1hour session) 7am and 5pm. In respect of COVID protocols, please bring your own mat.

Locals: J$1,500 | Visitors: US$20

Wednesday, January 12:
Chocolate-making Session with OneOneCacao’s Nick Davis

Globally recognised for his life’s work – producing premium quality Jamaican chocolate – Nick Davis is an award-winning artisan. Learn all about Jamaican Craft Chocolate, the history and science and how to create your own custom chocolate at home
IG: @OneOneCacao 

Available for 20 persons.

Time: 1pm

Locals: J$5,000 | Visitors: US$50

Thursday, January 13: Foodie Excursion to Stush in the Bush

Join us for al fresco dining on the farm at Stush in the Bush in St. Ann.  A breathtaking landscape, where things move slowly, and luxury resides in simplicity and a connection to the earth. Take in the sweeping views of Jamaica’s north coast, and the beauty of the hills simultaneously.  After the tour sit down to a lovingly prepared meal that highlights the genius of Lisa Binns’ kitchen. She weaves simple flavours into joy on a plate, and brings you back to what real food tastes like. Travel with us via air-conditioned coach.
IG: @StushInTheBush 

Time: Leaving 8am

Locals: J$10,000 | Visitors: US$100

Friday, January 14th: Foodie Excursion to Joy Spence’s Appleton Estate Rum Experience, St. Elizabeth.

Join us as we visit Joy Spence’s Appleton Rum Estate Tour. Learn about the early methods of distillation, complete with demonstrations, right on up to today’s production processes. Once you’ve toured the facilities you will understand why Jamaican rum is known as some of the best rum in the world. Of course, no rum tour would be complete without the rum tasting! 

Time: Leaving 8am

IG: @appletonestateja

Locals: J$10,000 | Visitors: US$100

Saturday, January 15th: Paint & Sip with artist Kesi Gardner

An arts graduate and alumna of NY’s prestigious Pratt Institute, Ms Gardner has worked in the world of advertising for over twenty years. Today, she works with premium luxury brands including her own travel concierge and experiences @LuxuryJa.
Time: 1pm

IG: @LuxuryJa

Locals: J$5,000 | Visitors: US$50

Sunday, January 16th: Sugarcane Cocktail-Making Session with Founder Toussaint Davy

UK-expat, founder and polymath, Toussaint Davy will take you through the journey of making your own cocktails with sugarcane juice. As the maker of cold-pressed juices, Davy infuses local fruits and vegetables and mixes them with dark and white rum for a smooth taste. Recently named as the fourth most read story for 2021 on The Gleaner Food online section, Davy is on a mission to raise the profile of Jamaica food experiences positively in any way he can.

Time: 1pm
IG: @JamaicaColdPressLocals: J$5,000 | Visitors: US$50


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