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For all those with discerning palates who prefer to savour a sweet rum cream to set the mood, Jamaican-owned Worthy Park Estate Limited is offering up a premium cream liqueur just in time for the summer. The single-estate producing rum company continually seeks to expand its portfolio of premium liqueur with the introduction of its newest brand: Worthy Park Rum Cream.

Following the 2018 launch of ultra-premium Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve Rum and Worthy Park Select Jamaica Rum in 2022 comes their introduction to the premium rum cream segment with Worthy Park Rum Cream.

With 15 per cent alcohol, the cream liqueur is deliciously smooth. Made with 100 per cent real cream, it delivers a silky melding of Caribbean-aged pot still rum that can be enjoyed chilled, on the rocks, or included in your favourite creamy cocktails and sweet treats.

We sat down with Tamika West, Marketing Manager of Worthy Park Estate for a tasting.  

As we poured a glass, the consistency of the rum cream appears similar to most on the market. The colour,  a light brown, almost mocha-like indicates a smooth blending process. As we smell, notes of vanilla and cream fill our nostrils. With the first sip, it’s clear that the inclusion of the full-bodied dark rum that is Worthy Park Select sets this rum cream above the rest. There is also a hint of balanced sweetness that can only be from refined sugar.

Tamika West excitedly shares: “As the popularity of our Worthy Park Estate spirits continues to grow at home and abroad, so does our dedication to adding new offerings to our portfolio. Most consume a smooth rum cream liqueur and tend to enjoy it in their favourite social spaces, as an after-dinner digestif, or while unwinding at home after a long day. And we think you will fall in love with our luxurious, creamy Worthy Park Rum Cream.”

Worthy Park Rum Cream will enter the cream liqueur market and co-exist alongside Rum-Bar Rum Cream with a targeted approach. The premium packaging is presented in a standard 750ml bottle, with a bottle and label cap style that is identical to the Worthy Park Select, continuing its brand consistency.

So what makes Worthy Park Rum Cream different from the other cream liqueurs on the market?

“Cream liqueurs have always been a seasonal favourite, and if you’re looking for a rich creamy bottled dessert, this is the spirit for you. Working on the flavour of this spirit was very important to us and we maintained our Jamaican legacy while adding our pot-still DNA,” concluded Marketing Manager Tamika West.

Worthy Park Rum Cream is now available at retailers island-wide.


One response to “Multi-Award-Winning Worthy Park Estate Unveils Worthy Park Rum-Cream for the Summer”

  1. Rochelle | Adventuresfromelle Avatar

    This is great! I’ll be looking out for it as I already enjoy their Rum Bar rum cream 🙂


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